We provide a wide range of principals covering all the following services:  
Bulk, Cellular Container, Tanker, Break Bulk, Multi-Purpose Vessel Operators. 
Port Agency Services - Owners , Operators , Charterers 
Common Carriers 
Main Line Operators (MLO) 
Non Vessel Operating Common Carriers (NVOCC) 


Ship Repair & Dry docking  
Repair of Containers 
Repair of Machinery & Lifting equipment’s 
Servicing of LSA & FFA Equipment’s 
Lighter vessel operation management 
Marine Survey 
Commodity survey and inspection 
Beaching & Ship breaking 
STS operation 
Project cargo handling 
Bunker, FW, LO supply 
Stores & Provision supply 
Supply of Spare parts of Machinery 
Hull Cleaning & Maintenance 
Underwater survey & maintenance 

Our comprehensive range of services includes: 

Market Research: Particularly applicable for liner companies looking to expand their services in Asia. 

Sales and Marketing: We have highly experienced sales teams with excellent contacts and cargo connections in all our markets. 

Operations: We are experienced in handling all types of vessels and can provide port captains as and where required to assist in supervising vessel operations. 

Documentation: Teams those are conversant with a range of computerized documentation systems 

Finance: Strong finance departments that ensure the highest attention is paid to credit control and timely payment of disbursements